Recover Emails from Microsoft Exchange Server EDB Mailbox Database; Like I Did

Microsoft Exchange server is a network system where users communicate with each other by means of emails exchange. The Microsoft Exchange server is an email collaboration system or calendaring system which is handled by Exchange users or administrators on regular basis. In corporate industries most of the users prefer to use Exchange server because of the reason that it provides safe security layer delicately so that user information couldn’t be disclosed or protected.

The emails in the Exchange server remain in the EDB database. EDB file can be any of the form like pub1.edb, priv1.edb, mailbox database.edb or public folder database.edb etc depends upon the server versions which one user prefers to use. Every user mailbox database contains data items such as emails, contacts, tasks, notes, calendars, attachments, to-do lists, journals etc. These data items look like tree structure where root node will be mailbox and other items indicates child node.

When user exchange information through the system then their respected mailbox data passes through the centralized Exchange system where every incoming mails will be judged and passed further to destination users after checking all the viruses or other effected security threats. But sometimes mailbox data becomes damaged or corrupted because of server errors before being ready to send or open, due to which email data becomes inaccessible. In this situation user wants to know how to recover emails from damage, which could have possible with the help of perfect Microsoft Exchange email recovery software. Software easily recovers emails from Microsoft Exchange server EDB mailbox database without making any interference to the original file information.

The other features of the software are discussed below:

  • Software recovers email data from inbox, outbox, sent items, drafts, junk or other sub folders in a safe and secure way.
  • Tool supports email formats like RTF, HTML or Text etc and retrieves messages with the attachments like images or other documents etc.
  • Software recovers unlimited mailbox data like up to Tera bytes.
  • Software also does conversion of the EDB data to new Exchange server.
  • Tool recovers mailbox data from damage and makes them healthy. It has also an option to convert EDB data into Outlook PST file.
  • It supports Exchange server versions (5.0 to 2010) and Windows (95 to 2008) etc.
  • Software has a simple and interactive GUI (Graphical User Interface) which helps users to perform task in a simple way.

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